Content campaign

Client: Foot Locker
Agency: VIRTUE
Role: Creative Direction

During Fashion Week 2020, we launched Foot Locker’s campaign “The Voices Of the Future”. A short docu-series which aims to elevate and support voices who are striving for a change in the fashion industry.

We collaborated with 3 cultural shapers and activists who shared their vision on how to create a more inclusive future. Each fashion film-esque episode is a bold and unapologetic statement which intends to inspire an audience who faces similar issues. 

Directed by: Jak O'Hare
DOP: Jasper de Kloet
Producers: Koen Barnhatd & Sophie Hendricks

Managing Director: Perre van den Brink
Executive Creative Director: Pascal Rotteveel
Strategy Director: Munise Can
Account Director: Gemma Trounce
Account Manager: Sabine van Kranen