Brand activation

Client: Foot Locker
Agency: Virtue 
Role: Creative Direction

Ever since Foot Locker opened their first store in the late 70’s the brand has become intertwined with sneaker culture. To celebrate their 45th anniversary we partnered up with the brand to reach sneakerfans all over the globe.

We commissioned 17 cultural shapers across Europe to create their own video, naming their top 5 sneakers of all time. Their videos were pushed through social media and called upon all sneaker fans across the world to post their own top five sneakers and ignite a worldwide conversation celebrating the greatest sneakers of all times using #NameYour5.

As result the campaign reached more than 40 million people across Europe and beyond with a  total of 164.000 engagements.

Managing Director: Perre van den Brink
Executive Creative Director: Pascal Rotteveel
Creatives: Valentino Marazziti, Jasper Vierboom
Strategy Director: Munise Can
Strategist: David Kellas
Account Director: Gemma Trounce
Account Manager: Sabine van Kranen
Project Manager: Julie Cousty